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“A child is born on that day and at that hour when the celestial rays
are in mathematical harmony with his individual karma.”
Sri Yukteswar
"What is my purpose in life?”  “Why is all this stuff happening to me?”  “When will I meet the love of my life?”  “What are my unique talents/gifts?”
These are questions many people ask themselves at different times in their life. Astrology gives specific insight to these questions and more by transforming your Fate into Destiny.
Jill La Liberte, L.Ac., Dipl.Ac. has been a student of astrology and metaphysics since 1992 and considers herself to be a "practical astrologer." She personally uses astrology as a guide to understand the potential opportunities and lessons to be learned by planetary influences.
It has given Jill and her clients foresight vs. hindsight, empowerment vs. helplessness, the ability to be proactive vs. reactive, and gives insight to questions like "why is this happening to me?"

Jill will explain your astrology chart in an easy to understand manner
using archetypes and metaphors. Gifted in describing the cycles of life, you will receive real down-to-earth information that applies specifically to your life today.

Your natal or birth chart shows the interaction of the sun, moon, and planets based on mathematical cycles the day you were born. From this information, Jill can give insight into your psychological nature, career, relationships, money issues, home life, creative talents, or spiritual nature. Just as no two snow flakes are the same, no two birth charts are the same. It’s what Jill refers to as your astrological DNA. 

A one year forecast reading is based on the where the planets are in the sky today (called transits) and how they are talking to (or aspecting) your birth chart. For example, have you ever wondered why at times you felt there was a little dark cloud hanging over your head or at other times, your luck and good fortune followed you everywhere? The information from a one year forecast can help guide you through friendly waters or the open seas. 

During your initial astrology reading, Jill will discuss your birth chart,
one year forecast, address any questions you may have, plus provide
a personalized printed report (average 20+ pages) and color printout of your chart information.
If you ever wished life came with an instruction manual, it might be time for an astrology reading! Appointments can be scheduled over the phone or in person.
The following information will need to be provided for your reading:
(1)  Date of Birth (00/00/00)
(2)  City and State of Birth
(3)  Exact Time of Birth 
      Note: if the exact time of birth is unknown, you can still receive
      a very in-depth reading.

Specializing in birth charts,forecasts, children’s readings, and finding a date for your wedding, business incorporation, or upcoming surgery.
Types of Readings Available
Natal or Birth Chart- basic potential and characteristics of who you are including gifts, talents, and challenges. You can't run or hide from this basic chart.
Progressed Chart - a reading that reflects the characteristics of who you are today versus when you were born. It shows the natural unfolding of the potential revealed in your birth chart.
Solar Return - your birthday chart for the year. Chart used to forecast a solar year, the period from one birthday to the next.
Relocation - looking for the best place to move for work, love, or fun? This is the reading for you.
Synastry & Composite Charts - relationships decoded. Comparing the birth charts of two people to help determine the nature and sometimes future of the relationship.
Elective Charts- looking for auspicious aspects to get married, start a new business, sign a contract (new home or car), or scheduling a surgery date? Start your new venture aligned with the stars.
$120 - Astrology Reading with Report
$90 - Astrology Reading without Report
$40 - Personalized Report Only
$1.50 per minute, 30 minute minimum Astrology Consult
"Hi Jill, Just wanted to let you know that the astrology forecast  for this year has been incredibly accurate. Without your forecast, I might find myself in a bit of a depression. I understand the bumps when they hit (and they've been hitting) and I'm using the information for growth. Needless to say, it's been a difficult time for me, but I see the blessings too. Thank you once again Jill, you're amazing."
Ron C.

"I am so grateful for the insightful guidance provided by Jill's astrology work. Jill has simple explanations for complex planetary movements and how it relates to the core of who I am and how it has a possibility of impacting my life. I have learned so much and have become fascinated with her explanation of my astrology planetary changes; I see how in being prepared for cosmic changes I am able to slow down and choose how I want to deal with situations that arise verses having a challenging time or situation get the best of me. Most of all, it is Jill’s kind and gentle spirit guided by love that allows me to decide how I want to take myself through my own life that I enjoy most."
Alison T.   
"Jill is a very personable, very capable and wise person. Her skills as an astrologer and Reiki expert have been invaluable for me. I have a passionate artistic personality working in a stifling and rigid bureaucratic organization and she has been a great help for me dealing with this on an emotional and physical level. She works with clients everyday who have the same issues working in the treacherous world of rigid government and greedy corporate structures. The era of freedom is coming and she can assist you in so many ways; astrologically, with Reiki and with her vast knowledge of healing. I highly recommend her!"
Stan O.

“When my son was born, I received an astrology reading as a gift. It has been the gift that continues to give as I consistently refer to his report to gain insight about him, to help me better understand him and guide him as he grows. As a parent, it has been unbelievably useful to know my child's strengths, weaknesses and challenges that he will face."  
Michelle S.
 "Jill has an amazing talent for tapping into the stars and gently providing the forecasted message you are meant to receive. Her readings are fantastically accurate. I have had two readings, and put the first report away for awhile then looked back over the year to see the amazing accuracy. I wish I had kept it out to better prepare myself for life's ups and downs! For the second reading, I now keep my report handy and turn to it more often. I find comfort in the words and explan-ation for life's events. Jill is a messenger of the truth and I am blessed to know her."
Heather H.

"Astrology is a science and contains an illuminating body of knowledge.
It taught me many things, and I am greatly indebted to it.
Geophysical evidence reveals the power of the stars and
the planets in relation to the terrestrial.
In turn, astrology reinforces this power to some extent.
This is why astrology is like a life-giving elixir for mankind."
Albert Einstein 
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